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Friday, November 8, 2013

Hong Kong -Yuen Long

23 January - 26 January 2013, 5 August - 31 October 2013

Shan Pui River (山貝河)

When it comes to shopping cities, I'll name Hong Kong as one of them as one of the best places to shop till you drop. The search continues for the must-have experience that what is being watch in TVB drama since I learn to watch soap operas. Never knew that Shan Pui River will be one of the impressive place that I'll remember from my Hong Kong's Trip.

 From the Movie Karma Rider (師父·明白了) which was broadcasted in Hong Kong during my stay, I am so curious about this bridge-ing scene where lovers say goodbye or as a place to fall in love as per the plot of the dramas.

We Found it! Remember this?

Horse Riding, China Emperor or Princesses being Kidnapped. Amazingly surprise the place was indeed a small place. TVB did a good job in the camera edit.

It's worth a visit. Take a stroll and Good Job TVB!

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